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The District’s mission is to develop and implement an efficient, economical and environmentally sound groundwater management program to protect and enhance the groundwater resources of the District.


The Kenedy County Groundwater Conservation District was created in 2003 by the 78th Texas Legislature under H.B. 3374. Kenedy County GCD was confirmed by an election held on November 2, 2004. During the fall of 2006, we received petitions from landowners in Brooks, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties requesting annexation into Kenedy County Groundwater Conservation District. These petitions were approved by the Board.

Kenedy County GCD includes all territory located within Kenedy County and parts of Brooks, Hidalgo, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Nueces, and Willacy counties (map of district). The primary economic activities within the District are oil and gas production and agriculture (primarily livestock).

According to its enabling legislation, the District has all of the powers, authority, and duties of a Texas Water Code Chapter 36 groundwater conservation district. Therefore, it has the duty to provide for the conservation, preservation, protection, recharging, and prevention of waste of groundwater and to control subsidence. Under Chapter 36, it has the duty to develop a groundwater management plan to express how the District will meet those duties. The District’s current was approved by the Texas Water Development Board on September 4, 2012.

Under Chapter 36 the District has the authority to adopt and enforce rules, including rules to limit groundwater production, to provide for conserving, preserving, protecting, and recharging groundwater, to prevent degradation of water quality, and to prevent waste of groundwater. The District has many other powers that are enumerated in Chapter 36 and that allow the District to accomplish its duties.

The District is located within Groundwater Management Area 16. Most of the District is located in the Coastal Bend Regional Water Planning Area (N). District territory in Hidalgo and Willacy counties is located in the Region M Regional Water Planning Area.

Board of Directors

The District is run by a five-member Board of Directors. These five directors are elected by the voters of the District and serve four-year terms. Precinct 1 consists of Kenedy County’s Precinct 1 and the King Ranch Laureles Division. Precinct 2 consists of Kenedy County’s Precinct 2, part of Kleberg County north of Precinct 2 and the southeast section of the Santa Gertrudis ISD. Precinct 3 consists of Kenedy County’s Precinct’s 3 and all of the annexed tracts of land in Brooks and Hidalgo counties and the westernmost part of Willacy County. Precinct 4 consists of Kenedy County’s Precinct 4 and the annexed tracts of land in the easternmost part of Willacy County. Precinct 5 consists of the Santa Gertrudis ISD, less the southeastern section thereof, and all of the annexed tracts of land in Jim Wells, Kleberg and Nueces Counties except for the portion that is part of Precinct 2. Directors from precincts 2 and 5 serve the same term while the directors from precincts 1, 3 and 4 serve the same term. Elections are held in November in even-numbered years.

Mr. Chuck Burns, Chairman
P.O. Box 458
Raymondville, Texas 78580-0458
Cell: 956-227-0554
Home: 956-689-3702

Mr. Dave DeLaney, Secretary
P.O. Box 1090
Kingsville, Texas 78364-1090
King Ranch Office: 361-592-6411
Fax: 361-595-7740

Mr. Craig Welland, Member
P.O. Box 276
Riviera, Texas 78379
Phone: 361-294-5264
Cell: 361-522-1801

Mr. Homero S. Vera, Vice Chairman
P.O. Box 163
Sarita, Texas 78385-0163
Phone: 361-294-5751
Cell: 361-296-4196

Mr. Daniel Y. Butler, Member
P.O. Box 705
Office Phone: 956-542-4212
Office Fax: 956-542-4261
Cell: 956-642-7690
Home Phone: 956-642-3637
Home Fax: 956-689-3637

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General Manager
Andy Garza
P.O. Box 212
Sarita, Texas 78385
(361) 294-5336 - Phone
(361) 294-5244 - Fax

District Administrator
Leo Villarreal
100 E. Kleberg, Suite 304
P.O. Box 1433
Kingsville, Texas 78364-1433
(361) 592-9347 - Phone